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Failing Teeth, Loose Dentures, Not Enough Bone For Implants?

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Loose Dentures or Failing Teeth?

Are you self-conscious about your smile?

Do you suffer from loose dentures & fear the worst?

Do you want to eat your favourite foods again?

Are your teeth decayed, loose and failing?

Do you want to smile confidently again?

Ellie, Same Day Teeth Patient

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A lifetime of dental neglect had left Linda afraid and ashamed! Thankfully, Same Day Teeth changed everything for her.


Shaun, lost all his confidence, hiding from social events and feeling much older than his years. After Same Day Teeth he got his life, confidence and smile back.



Michelle’s dentures made it impossible to enjoy eating out with friends…so she took control of her life with Same Day Teeth.


Same Day Teeth

What a difference a day makes

Same Day Teeth means what it says. It’s a revolutionary technique that means we can provide a new arch of teeth – fixed in place using dental implants – in just one day.

Loose dentures, soft foods and hiding your smile will be a thing of the past when you regain your confidence with a solid set of beautiful teeth.


The Same Day Teeth Process


3D Digital Planning

After taking 3D scans of your face, jaw and soft tissues, the surgery is planned to precision, every implant placement, the angle, depth, the position and torque applied is noted. The teeth are individually crafted, positioned and made to look realistic and natural.


Implant placement

The implants are placed into the jaw as per the 3D digital plan, this is usually carried out under sedation.


Fitting new teeth & adjustments

Your newly hand-crafted teeth are fitted to the implants, final tweaks and adjustments are made to them to ensure that they fit perfectly and function as a set of natural teeth. We test how the teeth move and bite together repeatedly until its perfect.


New confidence, life & food choices

You walk out of the clinic taking your true personality and new found confidence with you. Many of our patients comment on how this treatment has transformed their happiness and outlook on life.

Same Day Teeth Benefits

After treatment, our patients report numerous life-changing benefits.

Same Day Teeth look, feel and function like your own natural teeth

Restores your natural speech and taste (no false palate)

Stimulates bone to maintain facial structure to keep you looking younger

No need for denture adhesives

Smile, laugh and eat with confidence again


Meet Your Expert

Suresh Chohan BDS (BIRM), GDC NO.112864

I have a particular interest in dental implants to replace missing teeth, and in all forms of cosmetic dentistry to give you the smile you are looking for.rnrnI qualified in 2007 from the renowned University of Birmingham Dental School and I have been treating patients in dental practices ever since, establishing a great rapport with my patients and staff due to my relaxed and informative style.rnrnI have been placing dental implants since 2011 and I’m able to replace anything from a single missing tooth to full sets of teeth. I undertake complex cosmetic cases regularly combining teeth whitening, teeth straightening, veneers, crowns and dental implants for a completely rejuvenated smile. I pride myself on being able to do this by keeping up to date with the latest techniques, and advanced dental training by leading dentists all over the world. I also share my knowledge by giving lectures and tutorials to other dentists and their assistants on how to undertake dental implant treatments.rnrnTo demonstrate my focus on offering the best dental treatment I can at Changing Faces I completed a Master of Sciences degree in Implant Dentistry at Warwick University in which I gained a distinction. I’ve also completed post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry, including using fixed and removable braces to straighten teeth quickly.rnrnI understand that many patients are nervous of dental treatment, and alongside a reassuringly calm approach I’m also fully trained and experienced in providing oral and intravenous sedation. This is a process to help relax patients and make their dental treatment as comfortable as possible.rnrnI’m a member of the Association of Dental Implantologists (ADI), Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD). I’m also the Director for the Birmingham Dentinal Tubules, a study club for dentists in the Greater Birmingham area sharing knowledge and connecting dentists in their learning, to give their patients the high-quality results they deserve.

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